Words from the President

Dear AACRP members and Friends,

As 2017 is approaching its end, I would like to send my best wishes to you. I hope everybody had a wonderful and fulfilling year of career, happiness and good health. I’d also like to express my gratitude to all of you for your continued support for AACRP. As you may know, the reception at the 2017 AAPM&R annual assembly was extremely well received. In addition, our series of Wechat lectures, presentations, hands-on training classes and workshops of Chinese physicians, and scientific/educational exchanges by our members have been remarkable. Thanks again to all of the speakers who volunteered their time for the above events. Finally, I am very proud that AACRP was recognized to help organize the 1st annual academic conference of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (CARM) in Beijing Dec., 2017. AACRP has signed a strategic agreement with CARM, which paves the road to continue our collaborations with Chinese physicians in the future.

Again, I wish you ALL a wonderful Holiday Season and happiness and health for the New Year!

Hong Wu, M.D., M.S.
President of AACRP

2017 AACRP Annual Meeting and Dinner Reception - Denver, Colorado

ANACP 2017 AACRP (American Association of Chinese Rehabilitation Physicians) annual meeting and dinner reception took place at the Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant in Denver, Colorado on October 12, 2017. More than 40 AACRP members from the United States and China attended this meeting. Most of them work in the rehabilitation field as physicians or hospital administrators.

Dr. Hong Wu, President of AACRP, reviewed AACRP history, management team and missions at the beginning of the dinner reception. AACRP has served as an important and active platform in 2016-2017 for bridging Chinese and American physiatrists in educational and medical exchange. Since December of 2016, AACRP members have given on-line lectures monthly via WeChat to both American and Chinese physiatrists. At the same time, AACRP members offered monthly lectures to the physicians and therapists at Kunming Tiancheng Rehabilitation Hospital. Dr. Hong Wu and Dr. Gloria Liu also gave invited lectures in China. These lectures have been well received and promoted communications among physiatrists from the United States and China for the delivery of high-quality rehabilitation care to patients.

Dr. Jie Zhang from LIH investment and Management introduced LIH healthcare organization in China. LIH Healthcare specializes in rehabilitation medical services and currently has facilities in Beijing, Kunming, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

All the attendees introduced themselves to the meeting and exchanged contact information. Many of them gave good suggestions on how to develop AACRP. Silver Lining Missions and Africa missions were also discussed during the meeting.

Hope to see you all in Orlando, Florida in 2018!
(Reported by Xiaoli Dong, M.D.)



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